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UKForex Review

UKForex is one of the leading money transfer online platforms in the world. They have been in business long enough to create the best most reliable online money transfer system in the world.

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The company has been around as from the year 2005.They are a registered company in England and Wales under the number 04631395, and they are further regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and their regulation number is FRN: 521566.

After the money laundering laws were enacted they quickly caught up with the trend, and they registered themselves, and they got their Money Laundering Regulation number MSD 12219180 which was issued by the HM Revenue and Customs (HRMC).


UKForex Review


UKForex is part of the larger OzForex which wholly owns it; OxForex is the largest online money transfer platform.

This makes UKForex a major force to be reckoned with in the money transfer industry, the main advantages that clients get from using UKForex is the fact that they have one of the best technology in this field, their technology is so efficient other money transfer organizations are using it to make their transactions.



Some if these reputable money transfer companies are: Travelex, Moneygram, ING Direct, and Macquarie International Money Transfers. OzForex was started off back in 1198, and their growth over the years has been an impressive fete to achieve.

They have expanded their operations to many countries, and this makes them very appealing to their users and to new users who would want to use their services. They have their offices in Sydney where it all began; they are in Toronto, San Francisco, London, Hong Kong and Auckland.




OzForex is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange as OFX, and this gives it more credibility as an entity. With the public constantly reviewing and criticizing the company they have to keep up their standards and improve on them consistently.

They have over 50 different currencies that they handle daily from the transfers made by their clients. They have clocked up to 581000 transfers a year, that are worth AUD $13.6 billion.

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Their website is visited more than 65000 times a day, and that proves that their services are of good quality and more and more people continue to seek after those services. They have also formed solid relationships with stellar banking institutions; these banks are, Barclays, UBS, and Bank of New York Mellon.

With solid relationships like these, one can be relaxed that their money is in good hands. They run their operations 24 hours a day 7 days a week all year round; the phrase money never sleeps evident based on their operations.


UKForex: Personal Money Transfer


UKForex co uk is the website link where you will get their services. Many people today transfer money from one point to the other daily, and this is one of the ways people use to transfer their money across continents.



Many people still utilize the old SWIFT or bank wire transfer method which is costly compared to money transfer service offered by UKForex.

UKForex does not charge it, customers, transfer fees when they make the transactions when you compare this to the 15-30 Pounds banks charge for the same transaction UKForex becomes a rather appealing way to make the transfer.

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The minimum required to make an online transfer using UKForex is 100 Pounds, this very fair considering that you will not be charged any transfer fees at the end of it all. They have a wide range of currencies; they have been categorized into two classes; the standard and the exotics.

Although not all currencies of the world are on their list of currencies that can be used as base currencies on transfers, there are other currencies that have been prohibited from being handled based on the Money Laundering laws.


UKForex Review


These currencies are from countries that are disputed or have sanctions; it is important as a customer to know these before making any transfers.

The length of the transfer is dependent on two things; where the money is being transferred from and where the money is being transferred to but all the same therefore UKForex is highly regarded they take care of this as fast as they can so that you will not have to worry.


How to Send Money?


UKForex has created a very short and understandable way of sending money through their online platform. The steps are clear, and the steps are easy to follow, they have done this to allow their customer to avoid any sort of complications when handling their transfers.



The first step involves registration which is a fairly easy process that is done through their website. Then after you have registered and confirmed your account, you log in and get the live exchange rate of the currency you want to transfer.

The next step is to input the recipient bank account number and get the live exchange rate. After you do so, the next step is to input the recipient bank account information to have your transfer booked.

Then you as the client you send the funds and wait for UKForex to handle the rest of the process. At this point, you have done everything, and you can now relax.


When to Use UKForex?


UKForex will come in handy when you have investment commitments abroad, or you are an avid traveler, and you wish to have money sent to you if you are stranded. Maybe you want to buy, or you have sold property in another country, and you want to have that money sent to you, this money transfer system will cover all your bases.

If you have family or friends abroad and you want to send them money, UKForex will always come through for you. Also for making regular payments for business purposes, mostly this service will suit you because it is reliable and there are no transfer fees attached.


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