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Trading 212 Review

Trading 212 is one of the many brokerage firms in London, the United Kingdom with a difference. Trading 212 is the trading name for Avus Capital UK Ltd; it is registered in England and Wales under the number 8590005.

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In the United Kingdom, they are regulated by the financial Conduct Authority and their regulatory number is 609146. Avus Capital Ltd.

As it is registered in Bulgaria under the registration number 201659500, is a branch that enables it to cover the vast European region. In Bulgaria, they are regulated by the Financial Supervision Commission under the regulatory number RG-03-0237.


Trading 212 Review


Trading 212 are very keen on protecting their clients’ funds, and that is why they have their client funds secured in some segregated accounts. The firm is registered with the Financial Services Commissions Scheme in the United Kingdom which warrants for a 50,000 Pounds payout to the client if the firm went bust.



The Investors Compensation Fund covers the Bulgarian firm, and this one covers to a maximum of 90% of the funds in question and 20,000 Euros on the minimum. If the firm contests the payouts, the client is allowed to forward the case to the Financial Ombudsman Service that can warrant a 150,000 Pounds payout to the client.

These are just some of the lengths to which the firm goes to protect the clients and their valuable funds. The firm has over 200,000 clients from 65 countries around the world. They offer CFDs and Forex as their main assets; these are more than enough for their clients to utilize in their trading. 


Trading 212


Trading 212 minimum deposit is $150 or its equivalent in other currencies as per the Trading 212’s requirements. This amount is both affordable and investable considering they have a leverage of up to 1:200.


Trading 212: Demo Account


Trading 212 has two accounts on offer; they have the real account that has a leverage of 1:200 and a minimum deposit of $150 and they have a demo account that offers 10,000 Euros.

The demo account is important for traders who want to learn how to use the platform and try out their strategies without having to risk real money.



The other importance of the demo account is that it helps you learn how to manage risk, manage your capital and since it is not real money you will not have the high levels of pressure connected to managing real money.

The Trading 212 account demo will help you learn how to manage your emotions while trading. Opening both accounts is very easy especially the demo account which you have to deliver some personal and contact information, follow the guidelines and you will soon be trading.

Something to note for the real account, you will have to deliver some documents to verify that you are the real person and there are some countries that are not accepted in the Trading 212 community.


Trading 212: Trading Platform


Their trading platform is very unique even though it proprietary. They have attached a social trading platform called the Trading bird; these social platforms stream live messages to traders as they trade.

This has helped improve the performance of traders through sharing ideas such forex on Trading 212. The platform has many features that make it unique; it allows for hedging and aggregating as well, tools that will help the trader minimize their losses and maximize performance.



They offer multiple tools to allow for in-depth analysis and research as well. Traders enjoy the fast execution and low spreads as well, with these two the trader is poised to be successful.

The platform is available on Android and iOS devices, this is suitable for the trader who is always on the move and would love to have a few moments to themselves for trading and where better to do it than on your mobile device.


Trading 212: Minimum Deposits and Withdrawals


Trading 212 has ensured that their clients have the easiest options to select from while making their deposits and withdrawals.

The options range from Skrill, VISA and VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, and lastly bank wire transfer. These methods are secure and protected; your confidential information will not be shared with any third party without your consent.


Trading 212 Account


The options listed above all have a service fee attached to them, and it is important to inquire from the back-office department to avoid any inconveniences from your end. Generally, the client will always have a good experience using any of the stated options provided.


Educational Resources


Trading 212 have been on the forefront on ensuring that their clients understand what they are doing and are knowledgeable about the financial markets.



This reason led to the creation of the learning center on the web page. They have created a very conclusive learning resource that covers for each and every need of their clients. They have the video tutorial that covers how one can place trades, navigating through the platform and many other aspects concerning trading.


Forex Trading 212


They have a get to forex panel, the different trading models applicable to the platform, a how to use charts panel, concepts and terms and lastly economic indicators. These are comprehensive resources that the client can use continuously to improve their understanding of the markets.


Customer Support


Trading 212 has made it possible for their clients to reach them if they have any issues concerning their trading. The firm has several international contact numbers that cover the European region and the South American region alike. In addition to those they have the e-mail addresses attached to each of those international numbers.


Trading 212 Account Demo


This has made it possible for them to cater for all their clients’ problem considerably and minimize any sense of inconvenience for their customers. They have also made themselves available on various popular social media platforms which are important for clients and a more relaxed environment to seek help from.

Generally, Trading 212 has ticked all the boxes of a competitive and trustworthy brokerage firm, and I will highly recommend it to traders who want to seek a new experience.


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