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GFT Forex (UK)

GFT UK which is now known as transferred all their accounts to on 7th December 2012. This does not change what GFT UK stood for; they are still in London, United Kingdom and their site now is

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The name Forex com is the trading name for GAINS Capital Holdings Inc. which is listed in the United States on the New York Stock Exchange as (NYSE: GCAP). They are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the regulatory number 190864.


GFT UK Review


GFT UK has their client funds held in top tier banks in segregated accounts, this way the client funds cannot be used to run any of their activities.



They even go an extra mile and use their funds to hedge client trades so that the client funds can be fully protected. They do not engage in any sort of proprietary trading; this means they do not trade to make a profit. They are highly regulated across 7 jurisdictions, and this makes them very reliable and trustworthy.

Their long experience over 15 years to be precise and large client base of up to 200,000 clients means that they have to build a solid reputation for themselves as a business.




The clients’ funds are protected by the Financial Services Commissions Scheme, which covers the clients for up to 50,000 Pounds in the case that the brokerage firm went bust. All these layers of security laid out to protect the client are important to ensuring that their reputation is protected and the clients get their money’s worth.

Their execution is impeccable, and this was proven when 99.8% of the trades were executed under 70 milliseconds. Their minimum deposit is set at $250 and a similar amount in Pounds and Euros.


GFT Trading Platforms


GFT UK has several trading platforms that are based on the client’s requirements and their advancement as traders. They offer three trading platforms that are well advanced technologically and are easy to use as well as per the client needs.



They have the FOREX Trader PRO; this is a customizable trading platform that has an integrated decision and support tools.

The decision support tools help the client when it comes to making trading decisions. The trading platform is downloadable and can be installed on either a Mac or a PC. The same is available on iOS and Android, for tablet and mobile phone use.




They also offer the popular Meta Trader 4; the GFT UK is a lot more advanced because of the technological advancements they have integrated into it. It has an automated order rule feature, and advanced order functionality and an exclusive commentary and research feature.

The Forex ECN is meant for the professional trader; it is commission based software that allows for the client to client trading, and the minimum balance is $100000. Any client who wants to have a professional experience trading should try either of the trading platforms detailed.


GFT UK: Deposit Funds and Withdrawal


GFT UK has various ways set out for deposits and withdrawals. The client can choose from the options given, and this is one of the things that clients do not consider as important often.

The deposit and withdrawal options given have third party charges or service fees, especially from the service providers. Even though the broker has given you a payment option you should be keen to know how much it may cost you to make the transaction from your end, especially the card payments.

GFT UK offers both credit card and debit card payments, and the other option is the bank wire transfer option. The wire transfer information is provided for by GFT UK on request to use that method of transfer.

All in all, GFT UK deposits are protected under the many laws that govern client fund protection in all the 7 jurisdictions the broker is registered.


Educational Resources


The brokerage firm offers one of the best educational resources in the industry. They understand why it is important for a trader to have a good education basis and understanding of how the markets really work.



For this very reason, they have created one of the best educational series that has been continually improved in order to keep up with the educational improvements made in the financial industry.

They have short videos and tutorial on the various things they offer as tradable assets. They have forex and CFD video tutorials on how to trade these assets efficiently and profitably.

They also have an online course that can either be self-taught or instructor-led, especially for beginners it is important to have the online course taken in the instructor-led fashion, this will help you learn more in a short duration of time.

They also have webinars that are on-demand, which means they are organized when requested, and the webinars are also available in a recorded version, so one can easily watch past webinars and learn something from them as well.


GFT UK: Customer Support


GFT UK has a good client support services; they have different ways that a client can use to get in touch with the support staff. They have an international number that the clients can use to contact the support center.

Since, they are an international firm covering over 140 countries, they have various locations where you go visit in person and share your issues with the right person or department. Their offices are in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Japan, and the United States.


GFT support


Apart from the on-site locations, they have they also have a live chat service that is very efficient. They take the shortest amount of time to respond to issues or questions asked at the live chat, and that proves that they really understand the real meaning of urgency.

Their support department has a specific support team that concerns itself with issues to do with account opening, and their e-mail and telephone number are available on their web page.

GFT has managed to uphold its standards as one of the best brokers in the world, and their cross-border registration has made them more reliable and trusted. As for aspiring traders, I would highly recommend them for they will support you through your trading journey.


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