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Investing com (Review)

Investing com is one of the premier financial websites in the world today.

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It is almost obvious they have been able to challenge their competitors in every aspect, and that is because they have always been keen when it comes to advancing their information delivery and expanding the different ways especially from a technological standpoint in which they deliver their information.


Investing com (Review)


Investing com started back in 2007, and they were set to change the way financial news and the information is shared in the world.



They have been able to create one of the best portals and internet brands when it comes to financial news delivery. They have broken their site into editions, 27 editions in total for news delivery which is done is 21 languages.

Each edition covers the following aspects of the financial world that are core; the news covers both local and global financial news. The financial news covers stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, futures, options, and interest rates.


Investing com


The news is not the only thing that Investing com provides for their esteemed readers; they also provide analysis, charts, technical analysis, financial data, and streaming quotes for the different tradable instruments they have on their website. They have over 20,000 trading instruments from 70 different exchanges from around the world.

They have been very driven, and at this point, Investing com is the leading global financial portal, and they are totally committed to the continuous launching of innovative material for their large following who expect nothing less.

Investing com has some very impressive statistic on their side; not many websites get to enjoy the attention and visits that Investing com has been getting, they have one of the most views among many other financial websites in the world.

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They have 11,600,000 unique visits each month, and these are mainly new visitors from around the world. Investing com has a massive 380,000,000 visits a month, and this is an average number of visits they get every month which means they may get more than this number in any given month.

They have also worked on improving their presence through the mobile platforms, and they have been very effective in their efforts, and they have managed to get an impressive 690,000 visits a day from their mobile application.

With such influence in the financial industry, you will always attract a massive number of willing companies in the financial industry who are willing to advertise their services with you.

That is why they have been one of the best websites for brokerage firms from around the world to advertise with, and they have also helped their customers get their value for money.


Investing com trading instruments


They also have a contributors section on their site where they accept new contributors to their fold and to maintain the quality of information shared by their contributors they have strict guidelines and they also have benefits for their contributors to keep them motivated.

Investing com has several offices from around the world; they have an office in Madrid, Spain, Nicosia, Cyprus, and Tortola, British Virgin Island. They have a dedicated team of experts both on the editorial front and the technical front who enable the smooth running of activities on their website.

That is why they have been able to maintain such high standards as a financial portal for the past 9 years, and they will continue holding those levels of professionalism for years to come.


Features of Investing com


Investing com has one of the widest range of features that have been created to build a balanced website that will fit everyone’s investment needs. All the features are meant to create a unique balance that is important for a website that is as widely acclaimed as Investing com.



They have what’s new feature on their website which is meant to keep their readers updated on what is new, and this feature is very important because of the amount of new information that is continually pumped into their website.

This is one of the go to features if you are still new to the website and you need to get the latest information on what is happening in Investing com.

The other feature is the mobile feature; they realized that most of their readers were having difficulty accessing their website on their mobile phones, so they created the mobile phone application that is available both on android and iOS.

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They have very reliable features on the mobile phone application that have made it a big hit with the users, it has live quotes including futures and stock quotes, and they get real-time economic events and news straight to their phones.

They get real-time breaking news from the financial world. The user can customize their portfolio on their mobile phone and synchronize it with your watch list on the website platform.


Investing com: My Portfolio Feature


Investing com enables the reader to create their own portfolio and track the performance on a real-time basis.


Investing com portfolio


The portfolio you have created can be accessed on various platforms, the reader can track it on the PC, the mobile phone application, and the tablet through the application created.

The portfolio can be from a given watch list but at the same time one can have several watch lists they are tracking, and they can all be accessed through the same my portfolio feature which is very effective.

The Investing com comes with tools that can be added to your personal Investing com account to make it more efficient depending on your level of advancement as a trader. The webmaster tool comes with an array of tools that are meant to make your trading easier and more efficient.


Investing com trading tools


The webmaster tool has 24 tools in total that you can select from and add them after you have made your own changes to as per your preference.


Investing com: Extra Features


Investing com has several extra features that make it even more desirable. They have social media pages for more interactions; they offer webinars, and they have an education center that has very important information for any advancing trader.


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