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BabyPips com: Review of Their Forex Course & Position Size Calculator

BabyPips com is one of the most notable forex education websites in the world today. It is one of the best websites that any beginner forex trader could wish to stumble upon when starting off their career.

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Information is quite hard to come by in the financial markets and especially in forex and when you start getting the channels to access the information it becomes too much and you may end up losing yourself as you try to internalize all the new information coming your way.

As a trader and especially the newbie traders, there is always that urge to learn as much as possible in a short duration of time and that leads to information overload and in the long run you may end up being a theoretically sound trader but the worst performing because you do not know how to translate the information into positive results.

BabyPips was created back in 2005 for this reason alone to help new traders’ access forex trading education and information alike. Ever since the inception of BabyPips com into the forex trading arena there has been a huge change in the way other websites that offer forex trading education and information deliver their information.


BabyPips com: Review of The Forex Course


The BabyPips com website has structured its educational content in an easy to access and read manner. The educational content is actually structure in the BabyPips course and after every lesson there is a short quiz to test the reader’s retention.

If you fail to pass the quiz you cannot go to the next step and that encourages the reader to engage the material in a more serious manner. Their website (www BabyPips com) has a forum that has more than 200,000 members and the members are also very active since they have posted over 500,000 times.

This goes to show how enthusiastic the members are to the content, apart from the forum the members get access to daily forex articles, market analysis, the economic calendar, trading strategies and other forex tools.

Because of efficiency you could search forums BabyPips com to get access to the most exciting forums in the forex market at the moment and they are also very educative.


The school of pipsology is BabyPips com version of a college that specializes in teaching forex in a proper and structured manner. This is without a doubt the best gem when it comes to forex education and it is free all that is expected of you is your time and effort.

Most traders who get their start from BabyPips often are successful because they have a solid foundation compared to other traders who scamper from website to website seeking information.

Since, BabyPips is mostly built on the idea that most of its members are newbies the lessons are really watered down and the fact that it is a do-it-yourself it is very comprehendible.

The school of pipsology covers major topics in the forex market and if you diligently follow on this you are likely to shorten your learning curve and start working on yourself as a trader that you would wish to be.

The following are some of the topics covered; fundamental analysis, Japanese candlesticks, support and resistance levels, chart patterns, Fibonacci, risk management, time frame analysis, position sizing, trade journaling, and identifying your edge as a trader.

In total all topics that revolve around this topic are 43 and after each there is a quiz to test your retention.


BabyPips: Position Size Calculator and Their Blogs


Every major forex information website you will not lack a blog that shares more about the website in posts and BabyPips com is not an exception.

They have a blog space where different contributors share their forex market knowledge. There are nine different blogs that are mostly followed and the contributors are very active too, they are; developments in the forex market, finding, developing, and back testing different expert advisors.

There is a blog that shares more on finding the best short term setups and the contributor posts the trade patterns in real time as they happen. There is a well known blogger in BabyPips called Pip Surfer who shares the progress of his trading system Cowabunga.

There is a blog that covers commentary on each forex trading session and which news affected the session mostly.

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There is one of the original founders of BabyPips com who shares his macroeconomic trader wisdom with the rest of the team and he enjoys it since he was a lecturer prior to becoming a forex trader. There are more blogs in BabyPips com and you can always go check it out at www BabyPips com.


Review of the BabyPips Team


Every website has moderators and BabyPips com is no exception to this fact, the fellows at BabyPips com have made the website quite animated, so, that people can feel relaxed while learning and interacting with them.

The team leader is Dr. Pipslow, he is the brains behind BabyPips com and that is why he is respected not for this fact but for the fact, that he is quite the trader every newbie wants to become, there is Big Pippin one of the earlier members who joined forces with the leader to create this amazing website.

The other three Pipcrawler, Pip Diddy, and Forex Gump were all gotten into it by either the leader or through their associations in business or their social lives. Either way all of them have a passion to trade the forex market and to help others get to the elusive realm of profitability.

The team has also experience on their side none of them came from the institutional side rather they all started out as retail traders and the reason why their site is so successful it is because they experience the whole struggle to their current profitable standings.


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