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The Stock Market Game Review

The word investing has been mostly associated with the older generation; it has mainly been only set for the people who have a job or savings, and those are mostly the older people in the society.

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To some extent, it has been viewed as a secretive club for the few and thus many people who may have the potential to be successful investors miss out on this life-changing opportunity.

This is the reason why SIFMA Foundation in the United States created the stockmarket game program to open investment opportunities to learning the fundamentals of the stockmarket and investing to the younger generation.


The Stock Market Game Review


This program has not only increased the interest among the younger generation, but it has helped bring a sense of understanding to the community in general on the importance of investing and most importantly sound investing.



This program was meant to demystify investing to the younger generation, and it has been set in such a way that everyone could get involved as young as elementary level kids to high school kids.

Furthermore, thestockmarketgame program has made sure that everyone involved will learn, as from the teachers at school to the parents at home even those who act as educators for homeschooled children to get to learn about the stock market and its nuances.

The program is quite unique since it covers every single state in the United States and it has even encouraged the financial markets participants to chip in and share their knowledge with the enthusiastic kids who are very appreciative of the information and skills they are acquiring from the program. 


StockMarket Game for Students


As noted earlier the program is meant for the young ones, students, the program is meant to share important or core fundamentals on investing over a wide range of markets.



The information may seem quite hefty for the younger students especially those on the elementary and middle school level, but the material is watered down to the extent that these young ones can decipher the stockmarket and make sense of it through the guidance of their teachers, parents, and educators.

The fact that thestockmarketgame has been successful proves that there is no age limitation when it comes to investing, the only limitation is one’s ability to learn and understand.




Since, investing is more of a subjective skill it gives the young ones the ability to decide on their own not only based on the investment but also on other aspects of their lives.

This is quite an added advantage to the young ones they learn to take calculated risks on every investment decision they want to venture into, and another advantage is that the students also learn to be patient until they get the right fit of information to suit their investment parameters.

This is actually the best program that the student can be introduced into as an after-school activity, it covers not only the investment skills but also general life skills that will obviously impact on their development as young adults for the rest of their lives.


The Stock Market Game for Teachers, Parents, and Educators


For the teachers, parents and educators it is important to have the right information before engaging your students on the same.



The stock market game has made it possible through the SIFMA Foundation and other partners for the teachers, parents, and educators to get access to information that will help them create notes for the lessons that their students will be engaged during the lessons.

Since, the lessons are structured based on the level of education that the students’ are at it is important for the teachers or parents to get the right information which will be understandable for their students.

The most important thing about the stockmarket game is the exposure to information and industry professionals that the students get to meet and learn from.

That exposure helps them develop a self-starting attitude, and they can go and seek the investing information on their own without the help of their teacher, and that is what investing is all about getting your style and improving on it for your own betterment.


StockMarket Game


Also for teachers, parents, and educators who may want to be part of this program and they are wondering how to go about it, it is very simple you will visit thestockmarketgame website and go to the teacher or parent tab and register, and afterward more information will be laid out for you to get started.

Most of the information given to the teachers and parents is mainly introductory information that will act as a guide on how to share information with your students.


Getting Involved with StockMarket Game


Since the success of this program is mainly supported by the goodwill of the participants and other non-profit organizations, it is important for anyone who feels the importance of getting involved in the journey to bettering stockmarket and investment information for the younger generation to sign up on their website.

There two ways to get involved, you may either donate funds that will be directed into buying material and books, or you may volunteer as an educator for the students in your district, or you may volunteer as an educator for the teachers who have little to no information about the investment business.



Within the SIFMA Foundation, there are other partners who have been part of furthering the course to improve the way students view the stockmarket and the financial markets in general.

There is the InvestWrite which gives the student a platform to write articles about their experience on thestockmarketgame and more so they get to win awards for the same; this helped student’s share their newly acquired knowledge of the markets, and it has allowed for a more rounded growth.

There is the Invest it Forward partnership that gives a platform to the financial markets participants to share their knowledge with the students.

The most popular partnership is the Capitol Hill Challenge where students from all over the 50 states compete in an investment challenge with $100,000 virtual funds over an online platform investing in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

The program matches up students from a district with their member of congress, and this has really helped the students understand more about finance and leadership.


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