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CMC Markets (UK) Review

CMC Markets is one of the premier trading institutions in the United Kingdom, for the past twenty five years, they have managed to improve and grow their brokerage firm through quality customer service and advancements in trading technology to complement their services.

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CMC Markets have established their business as a reliable partner both for the individual discretionary traders and the corporate traders alike.


CMC Markets (UK) Review


CMC Markets has cross border registration which is indicative of their growth and hence cross border regulations that enhance their reliability when it comes handling client issues.



CMC Market UK plc is the name it is registered within the United Kingdom, and their registration number is 173730, this company handles all the CFD based trading and other trading instruments except spread betting.

CMC Spreadbet plc is the sister company that handles all the spread betting operations, and its registration number is 170627.

Both companies are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and the spread betting company is further regulated by the Gambling Commission because spread betting is not considered trading rather it is considered gambling. Their reference number given by the Gambling Commission is 42013.

CMC Markets has furthered its scope and has invaded the rife Asian market by setting up two companies that handle different services for their clients in the region.

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The CMC Markets Asia Pacific Pty Ltd is registered in Australia under that name, and the registration number is ABN11100058213, and it is regulated by the AFSL under the regulatory number 238054.

CMC Markets Stockbroking Ltd members of the Australia securities Exchange and Asia Pacific Exchange registered under the number ABN69081002851 and regulated by the AFSL under the number 246381; this company conducts all stock broking services to their Asian clients.

Their structured approach to services makes them one of the best brokers in the business; they have a wide range of products on offer; CFDs, binaries, countdowns, indices, commodities, shares, forex, and treasuries.

They have proved their worth in the finance industry, and they have won several awards from reputable award panels in Europe. They have won awards from the UK Forex Awards, Shares Awards, Investment Trends 2014 &2015 UK Leveraged Trading Report, and Online Personal Wealth awards.



Their awards were for their exemplary customer service, trading platform, and investor education. They have two main types of accounts in their company; the CFD account or the personal account and the corporate account.

Both accounts have no minimum balance this encourages every trader with whichever amount of money to start their trading careers with CMC Markets.

CMC Markets are involved in the sporting scene, and they have taken a step in sponsoring the Land Rover Bar sailing team, and they are also the sponsors for NSW Waratahs, which is a top rugby team that plays in the Super 15 rugby championships. This is their way of growing sports awareness and indirectly marketing themselves.


CMC Markets Trading Platform


CMC Markets is a unique trading firm from their service provisions to their trading platform. They have developed the most efficient trading platform that is meant for every type of trader, the high volume traders and the long term position traders alike.



This trading platform is a proprietary trading platform that is downloadable for the Windows and Mac desktops. The trading platform is also available on iPhone, iPad, and android devices; they can be downloaded free in their respective application stores.

The trading platform has the following advantages and features over the common trading platforms offered by brokers from third parties.

The features have been categorized into a range of chart types, meaning different chart types; there are the normal candlesticks and OHLC charts, and then there are advanced charts which include the Kagi, Renko, and Line break charts.

With those chart types comes a wide range of charting tools; 24 drawing tools, 75 technical indicators, multiple chart intervals or timeframes, the charts are customizable, an extensive price history, one can compare price action from various charts and trading instruments simultaneously by simply overlaying the chart to the one you are analyzing. The trader can trade directly from the chart and save the chart as a default for later use.

The other chart feature that is very unique is the projection price feature; the first one can simply apply the pattern recognition on your chart, and it will show you the current price pattern on the asset you are trading.

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After that, you can use the projection price box to determine where price is most likely to move given the present price pattern.

There is the module link that enables the trader to the same asset over different chart intervals simultaneously, and this makes it one of the best charting platforms out there. One can do a correlation analysis or strength analysis over various timeframes and asset classes. 

There is the chart forum community that is basically a feature that allows traders to share their charts and comment on them, copy each other’s chart analysis and view how each trader perceives technical analysis. The last feature is the mobile charting which is meant for the mobile trading platforms.


CMC Markets: Review of Their Educational Resources


CMC Markets has a well structured educational resource page; on the page, there are several tabs that cover the very investor education you want to study.



There is the webinar and events tab; it has a schedule of on-coming webinars and events and the area of study to be covered. There is the forex tab that covers educational material to do with forex only.

Then the CFDs, a platform guide tab, technical indicators , fundamental analysis, trading guides and glossary for trading terminology that newbie traders can refer to when studying. This is part of their effort in ensuring that their clients are knowledgeable about the markets, and thus their chances of becoming profitable traders will be higher.


Customer Support


CMC Markets have won an award for their exemplary customer support services, and this only means that they cater to their clients’ needs to the best of their ability. They have 24 hour support; they offer social media platforms where clients can connect with them in a friendlier atmosphere.

They offer news and analysis for their clients; they have a FAQs page, and their website is easy to navigate which is one of the little things that many brokers neglect.


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