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City Index Review

City Index Group is a broker that provides CFD trading, Foreign Exchange, and spread betting services to the users. The broker was created in 1983. It has made a paramount contribution in the Financial Services industry since it was founded.



City index has also incorporated other brands to become part of their services. These include City Index limited, FX solutions, and IFX Markets. City index group has its current headquarters in London, UK. The financial service provider has provided employment for more than four hundred people across the globe.

City Index has also been in the market for the last over thirty years making it one of the most popular trading platforms in the United Kingdom. In 2014, City Index was awarded the best trading platform by the UK Forex. This implies that the contribution of the platform in the FX and Trading market can never be ignored.

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The company also has tight spreads that has allowed it to enjoy competitive advantage compared to the rival companies in the market. Further, it has interest in ensuring that their users are able to understand trading through the training options they have provided for their account holders.

This has made a significant effect in improving the trading skills of their users. The training and demo account provision has enabled new users to learn the skill of trading and be able to incorporate their ideas towards trading on their own after fully understanding the process.


City Index Review


Considering the length it has been in existence in the market, City Index has been able to reach out more than 50 countries and 1.5 million trades in a month. Clearly, this makes the platform one of the most favorable and preferred medium for transacting trade by the stockbrokers and traders.



The company has also extended its financial services provision to providing professional trading services to retail and small institutional clients in the market. The company has therefore taken internet in ensuring that irrespective of the size of investment, all traders and stockbrokers have access to excellent services.

City index provides the best mobile trading platform technology. The City Index reviews by the customers rank the company as one of the best company in providing an app that allows iPhone users to make bets at the comfort of their phones.

The app also provides the users with the option of checking the market prices, open or close orders, editing trading charts, and setting their stop-losses. Additionally, the user also gets access to live streaming news that provides information about events happening in the Foreign Exchange and Stock markets.

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In 2010, city index was awarded the best mobile trading platform award by Money AM in 2010. Further, the company also made it possible for android and blackberry users to have access to the program in order to create a better access to information on FX and Betting platforms.

City Index has a spread-betting platform that allows the users to access financial services without having to download the software.

In addition, the software also allows the traders and stockbrokers to auto trade and make their trades via phone. Additionally, this technology is also available for mobile phones and therefore traders and stockbrokers can identify the best app option depending on the phone they are using.



City index provides a platform that is advantaged compared to other spread betting companies platforms available in the market. The platform provides users with a demo account that allows the user to engage in a four-week trading exercise. This allows the user to acquire knowledge on how to trade excellently.

City Index review proofs that new users are especially interested with the fact that the platform provides the users with the opportunity to begin trading but at a lower deposit amount. This therefore provides them with the opportunity to engage in a less risk trading and betting exercise.


City Index Review on their Demo Account


City Index takes care of the interest of the new traders. The platform has provided a platform for them to be able to engage in a serious trading exercise using the demo account. The users are able to use this account in making trades before they are able to engage in real-life trading exercise.



This also introducers the user to how the platform looks like in real life and therefore they are able to engage and familiarize themselves with the events that takes place in the real account.

The demo account also provides the user with the opportunity to perform every function that is available in a real account only that this time they are not using real money and therefore their profits and losses are nil.

The user is able to become acquainted with the city index software and trading tools, tools that they will use even when they trade in real life. 


Why use City Index?


The reviews above make city index as one of the easiest and yet the best financial tool for traders and stockbrokers available in the market. The platform has interesting features that makes it user friendly even to a new user.



The users can also be able to hedge their positions in the underlying markets in different time periods and at prices that vary. Users also have access to new and analysis that keeps them updated so that they are able to make better and informed trading decisions.

The news include market news, financial news, trading videos, and daily newsletter providing crucial information that will guide the traders and stockbrokers towards making an informed decision.

The company also runs an online series of classes aimed at providing users with information on how to trade in the financial markets.

It is also important to note that the site provides the users with additional comprehensive training including trading webinars, in-house seminars, and free eBooks, available only for account holders, as a medium aimed at ensuring that the users have access to information that is crucial in pushing them to succeed in the trading business.


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