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CMC Markets Review

CMC Markets is one of the most respected brokerage firms in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. They have been around for the past 25 years, and within those 25 years, they have been able to be an integral part of improving the investment playing field for all its clients from all over the world.

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They have a wide reach, and they have been able to set up their offices in some of the most notable financial districts in the world.


About CMC Markets


They have an office which is also their main headquarters in London; they are registered as CMC Markets UK Plc that offers most of the financial services, and they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the reference number 173730.



They have another company that handles all the spread betting services it is registered as CMC Spreadbet Plc which is also registered by the Financial conduct Authority under the reference number 170627.

Since they offer the spread betting services, they are also regulated by the Gambling Commission, and their reference number is 42013. All the above information covers the reliability of CMCMarkets co uk in the United Kingdom as a stand-up firm that has its clients’ best interests at heart.




They also have a presence in Asia and especially in Australia as CFDs providers and also as a stock broking business. CMC Markets Asia Pacific Pty Ltd is the registered name of their firm in Australia, and their reference number is ABN 11100058213, they are regulated by the AFSL, and the number is 238054.

They also stock broking services as CMC Markets Stockbroking Ltd, as a requirement, they are a member of the Australian Stock Exchange and the Asian Pacific Exchange and the companies reference number is ABN 69081002851, and they are regulated by AFSL, and their number is 246381.


CMC Markets Review


CMC Markets offer a wide range of products, and that is one of the reasons that they are well accepted by their massive number of clients; they offer CFDs, binaries, countdowns, forex trading, shares, indices, and treasuries.



As part of their long line of achievements, they have won numerous awards that are a confirmation that they offer the best services in the industry. They have won the Shares Awards, Investment Trends 2014/2015, Online Personal Wealth Awards, and the UK Forex Awards.

These awards were based on their revolutionary trading platform, investor education, and customer service. All these awards are a perfect balance of a well run and organized financial firm, and that is what an informed investor or trader wants to see when reviewing a brokerage firm.


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They have been on the forefront of improving their client relations, and they have done this by giving their clients cash rebates especially those who are trading high volumes.

They also sponsor very notable sports teams in different sporting categories; the NWS Waratahs the Super 15 rugby team and the Land Rover Bar, a sailing team; their involvement in the sporting industry has improved their popularity wildly. More on their recent improvements or updates their website CMCMarkets co uk is the best place to visit.


CMC Markets Trading Platform


CMC Markets have created one if the best trading platforms in the world by far, the trading platform is available with a downloadable version, the iPhone and iPad versions and the Android version for the mobile platforms.



All the platforms have their various advantages given the operating system the platform is based on. The downloadable version is available both for Mac and Windows.

The trading platform has some of the most advanced charting features that have been broken into various sections so as to understand the functionalities better.

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The trading platform has a wide range of chart types compared to other trading platforms that offer only three; their trading platform has more than namely enough; OHLC, candlestick, Renko, Kagi, and a line break. They also have 24 drawing tools that will definitely come in handy when doing your analysis.

The trading platform has a feature that shows you the price projections; in addition to that, they have pattern recognition features, and a price projection box that will help see where most people view price to be going.

One of the most notable features is the modeling link where you can examine or analyze the same asset you are trading over different chart intervals. 


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Also from the same trading platform, you can access the forum community to share your trading ideas with other traders in CMC Markets. While on the forum you can view other traders’ technical analysis, copy their analysis, comment on another trader’s analysis and you can get to save your analysis for future reference. 


Educational Resources


CMC Markets has been very keen on improving their traders’ knowledge base, and that is what every trader needs to grow into a mature and self-reliant trader who is consistently profitable.



They have a wide range of material that is made available for their traders; they have webinars and events which are often held to keep their traders’ fresh and engaged as they grow into profitability.

They have broken their lessons into different asset classes so that one can have an easy time when searching for material to review.


CMCmarkets learn


They have the forex lessons, CFDs lessons, a platform guide, technical indicators lesson guide, fundamental analysis guide, a glossary list for any trading jargon that the trader is unfamiliar with and the trading guide that gets everything together. With the entire information, one can start off with a solid base and grow from there.


Customer Support


CMCMarkets have become keen on ensuring their clients have access to the best support, and they have maximized on that by setting up features and facilities to do just that. They have a 24-hour support service; they have contacts on their website CMCMarkets co uk that one can use to reach them.


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