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How to Use eToro in the UK? (Review)

In the last few years, web technology has developed tremendously. All these advancements in the field of web technology have resulted in a drastic change in the trading environment, especially in the United Kingdom. Not every trading platform or broker has been able to capitalize on these changes.

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Among the prominent brokers that have been able to make the necessary adjustments and adapt to the changed trading climate, eToro stands out for a number of different reasons. eToro always had the potential to acclimatize to alterations in the market, and in the last couple of years, it has lived up to its expectations quite well.


Studded with Awards


The number of awards that eToro has won over the last few years justifies its status as one of the best trading platforms and forex brokers in the United Kingdom.

How to Use eToro in UK?

The accolades awarded to eToro were given out some of the most prestigious finance and trading review companies in the world such as Finovate Fall, World Finance, Global Banking & Finance Review, European CEO and MoneyAM Online Finance Awards. Each and every single one of these awards certifies eToro as one of the finest and leading platforms in the world of trading today.

The traders in the United Kingdom in particular have been greatly impressed by the services of eToro. To truly understand all the hype surrounding eToro, you need to read a comprehensive review of this internationally acclaimed forex broker, and that is exactly what you will be getting today here in this article today.


How to Use eToro in the UK? (Review)


Let us start off with some of the basic advantages that you can enjoy by doing business with eToro. Before you can learn how to use eToro in the United Kingdom, you need to first be open to the idea of using eToro.

Once you learn about the perks of letting eToro take care of your forex trading, you will have little hesitation about knowing the ways in which you can use eToro.


1) eToro Openbook to Enhance Your Knowledge


When you become a registered member of eToro, you will have the option of following and copying experts from the eToro Openbook. This feature particularly piques the interest of the inexperienced, newcomer traders who struggle to overcome the initial hurdles in the field of forex trading.

eToro Social Trading Revolution

The forex market is not only the biggest market in the world, it is also one of the most challenging ones to thrive in. Therefore, newcomers in this particular form of trading require special assistance and help from veterans to launch their forex trading endeavours on a good note.

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult getting hold of the seasoned experts in the field of forex trading, and this is why eToro helps the fresh traders out by providing them with all the guidelines they need through their eToro Openbook.


2) Guardian Angel Software for Responsible Trading


If you have a strong interest in the field of forex trading but are concerned about the lack of security, then you will be glad to know that eToro uses the Guardian Angel software.

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As the name suggests, the function of this software is to instil the spirit of responsible trading in every trader.


3) eToro Tools for a Great Initial Boost


Last but not the least, you have the eToro resources and tools on offer. Their collection of tools is one of the finest in the world of trading and it will help you to prep yourself for the steep hurdles that await you in the forex market.

eToro Social Trading Revolution

In other words, with the help of eToro’s tools, you will have everything that you need to excel in forex trading.


How to Join eToro?


By now, you should already be interested in the idea of joining eToro to raise your forex trading game. Creating an account with eToro is extremely easy, and what makes it even better, is the variety of choices that you have on offer. Unlike a lot of mediocre forex broker websites, eToro gives you the option of selecting from a collection of four different trading accounts.

eToro Social Trading Revolution

Depending on the amount of money that you are interested to invest and the level of forex trading experience you carry on your shoulders, you can choose any one of the following trading accounts. To sign up, head over to their website today and feel free to open up an account as per the instructions provided on the website.


  • a) Bronze Trading Account (Beginner Level)

  • b) Silver Trading Account (Intermediate Level)

  • c) Gold Trading Account (Advanced Level)

  • d) VIP Trading Account (Professional Level)


Although eToro is used in a number of different countries, one can say that it is pretty much focused on traders who are based in the United Kingdom.

When selecting a trading account for yourself, you need to remember that the more funds you deposit in your account initially, the greater will be the number of benefits and features that you will enjoy from eToro.

The Bronze Trading Account is specifically catered for those who have little to no experience in the field of forex trading and are not willing to cross the $1000 on their first deposit. At the opposite end of the range you have the VIP trading account where you can start off with an investment as large as $20,000.

Needless to say, the VIP trading account suites the trading style of those who have a considerable degree of experience in the field of forex trading.


Islamic Account


The accounts mentioned above are the four main types of accounts eToro has on offer. However, these are not the only accounts that you can sign up for.

eToro Islamic Accounts

One of the reasons why eToro has attained such huge popularity over the years is because of their ability to consider the needs of a diverse group of people. Hence, they have come up with an Islamic account for Muslims who want to engage in forex with a no “Riba” principle.


Extra Perks


Once you sign up with eToro through any one of the aforementioned accounts, you can enjoy real time trading, fantastic customer care support, a high leverage of 400:1, social networking features and a specialized eToro mobile trading app.


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