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Forex Street: Economic Calendar Review

The forex industry is filled with a myriad of information, and it is easy to get lost in the midst of all this information. Because of this reason, it is important to have a source that is trusted and a source that has been proven to be reliable over a long period. Forex Street is one of those sources that will never lead the trader down a wrong path.

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The company understands that in this day and age of information, ignorance is a choice and that is the reason why Forex Street have built their information base and have continuously improved their sources of information over the years since they opened their doors to the forex community around the world.

They have also been passionate about their purpose because they know how many traders depend on their community not only for information but also for a sense of belonging.


Forex Street Review


As from the year 2000, they have been covering the forex market 24 hours a day 5 days a week in an unbiased fashion free of charge to their hungry trading community.

They have proven to be one of the go-to sources for forex related information and other financial information by the sheer number of visitors they get to their site Forex Street com. They have over 750,000 visitors every month if this is not impressive, then there must be another website that offers better information.



They have opened their website to more than one community of traders by having the information on Forex Street net in 17 languages this opens the reach and more traders from around the world although speaking in different languages they all get the same unbiased information.

They know that a trader needs to have their information continuously replenished and updated and that is why they have over 140 webinars a month from well-informed market experts and analysts and renowned educators.

Ever since its inception they have been able to cover over 1000 economic events as they happened and shared the news instantaneously. All through the day Forex Street shares over 650 new items that impact the forex market in one way or another.


Forex Street net


To make all this possible they have a team of contributors who keep Forex Street com fresh and updated all the time, the contributors’ number to over 350 which is also impressive given the organization of the website which is rather well organized and very easy to navigate.

They have also been very prompt in updating their reports on a daily basis over 220 times. This means that the content they provide will always be fresh and updated. 

Forex Street are in Barcelona, Spain and in their office, they have a team of twenty-five core workers and thirty co-workers who are in different cities around the world, this team is the key to all the success they are enjoying now which is important because the members are doing a good job.


Forex Street: Economic Calendar


Forex Street has several services they provide to their members apart from the key which is providing information. They have charts where their traders can follow up on the changes in market conditions on different time frames as well.


Forex Street


As a trader, you may want to track the changes of a current pair and maybe you do not have access to your trading platform this charts offered on the Forex Street com will come in handy.

In addition to charts they also offer an economic calendar, it is important to have the calendar as part of your trading be it you are a fundamental trader or a technical trader.

The economic calendar has news from the major economies around the world but the most important news or the high impact news is always marked out in red, and that is what most traders focus on because this is the kind of news that moves markets.


Forex Street com


The economic calendar is an important addition to every trader, but when you add the market analysis, it becomes something explosive that every trader may want to have as part of their trading routine.

Forex Street also offers trading newsletters for their members to keep in touch with the current train of market changes and they have customizable technical analysis studies that are modeled to suit the trader who uses this resource.

As a forex information site, it is impossible to lack an educational resource center or as noted in the Forex Street com learning center.


Forex Street exchange rates


The learning center is a spring of well-structured forex information and education coupled with the community network it is obvious why more and more traders find it extremely useful.

Forex Street exchange rates are the best since they offer real time exchange rates for almost all currencies. It is important as a trader to have the best brokers as your financial service providers, and with the numerous choices, one has it is better to use the compare broker section offered by Forex Street net to compare the brokers from around the world.


Awards Offered by Forex Street


Forex Street have created a vibrant community, and the community comprises both members, contributors, and brokers who have partnered with Forex Street to offer these services.


Forex Street community


To honor their partners and contributors, they have created various categories for their awards which have become an industry standard among traders and participants of the forex market.

They have categorized the awards into best analysis from contributors, best sell-side contributor, and best buy side contributor, best educational article, best video podcast, best speaker, and best new contributor.

For any contributor who wins any of the awards stated above they get the respect they deserve and the recognition among the members of the forex community from around the world.


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