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E Trade Financial Services Review

E Trade Financial corporation is one of the premier financial institutions in the United States.

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It is not only one of the best but E*Trade Financial services have been widely accepted and widely utilized by its clients from all over America and other countries from around the world.


E Trade Review


They came into existence back in 1982, in Palo Alto, California, this is quite a surprise given Palo Alto was not known as a financial district rather a technology based town.

So, it came as a surprise when E Trade became one of the start-ups in the region; this was likely the reason why many people were drawn to it because they knew that when finance and technology merged there was bound to be a revolution in both industries.

E-Trade proved this by introducing a new way to trade this was especially for their retail traders who had for a long time calling in to have their orders filled and this meant that they would have to incur some high costs for telephone bills every end of the month.

E Trade was the first to introduce online trading to its clients; their clients could now place their orders on the online trading platform offered by E*Trade, and E-Trade would fill their orders from their side in quite a flawless fashion.




This step was the first step towards revolutionizing the industry; the other brokerage firms saw this, and they started implementing it.

As this happened another crop of entrepreneurs came about, the education merchants who jumped on this wagon to help the newbie online traders learn how to use the trading platforms and trading strategies that would make them profitable traders over the long term.


E*Trade Financial Services


So, E Trade financial services helped revolutionize the industry, and that is one thing that draws more clients towards them. The E-Trade financial corporation has several assets on offer, this kind of diversity on tradable assets is what every trader wants when engaging the markets.


E*Trade financial


The traders at E*Trade financial have a wide range of markets which include stocks, ETFs (Exchange traded Funds), mutual funds, bonds and fixed income, options, and futures.

From all the stated assets, the trader can create a well-balanced portfolio that can help them make profits in the long term. That is one thing that every trader wants; they want to be able to control risk by hedging their positions by using a negatively correlated market or a market that corresponds to the one they are trading.

For a brokerage firm like E-Trade to succeed it needs to have very affordable costs for their traders. This is one of the ways they have been able to acquire more clients than most brokerage firms around the world.

They charge very low commissions on their different asset classes; they charge $9.99 for shares traded, 75 cents option contract traded online, $1.00 forever bond traded online and they have no transaction fees for their mutual funds traded.


E Trade ETF


As you can see the transactions costs are very low and they change as per your performance and that makes them a good choice since every trader's focus is on preserving their trading capital.

The E*Trade financial corporation is made up of three distinct companies that run different services for their clients. For the securities and trading services E-Trade Securities LLC which are a member of FINRA and SIPC handles that.

They also offer investment advice for their clients; this is given freely for the first-time client, and the E-Trade Capital Management LLC handles these services. They also have a bank that offers the banking services, E Trade Bank a Federal Savings bank and a member of the FDIC offers the above-mentioned services.


E-Trade Trading Platform


E Trade has several trading platforms that are equally stellar, and they offer their clients the best trading experience. E-Trade has several platforms from mobile to a web platform and a desktop downloadable platform.



The E*Trade Mobile is available on several operating systems, unlike other mobile platforms that come in the two most common operating systems.

The platform is available on android, iOS, Kindle, windows Mobile, and Amazon; this makes it more appealing because more clients who obviously have different devices with different operating systems can access the platform and conduct their business.

The E-Trade Web Platform is accessible through any web browser if you have internet access. The web platform has an extension meant for the Google Chrome browser for easier accessibility when needed.


E-Trade Financial Services


The E-Trade Pro is the downloadable desktop trading platform that is meant for the advanced trader who is more active and wants to have that professional feel when approaching the markets.

The platform has several advantages that enable quick execution; the point and clicks feature for order entry, pro trading tools, real-time news and trackers as well, it also has idea generating tools and easy portfolio management and portfolio customization.


E-Trade Educational Resources


E-Trade understands that their own longevity in the finance industry is mainly based on their clients’ ability to be profitable over a long period. This reason is the one that makes them very passionate about their educational resources that are provided for their clients.

They have broken down their education courses based on the tradable assets they have on offer. The education is structured, and that is very important for the traders who are just starting off and they are looking for a good base as they start their trading career.

Apart from this, they have to invest, trading, and retirement courses. They also have live events and videos that offer extra more practical information that I learned in the theoretical courses.


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