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IG Index (UK)

IG Index Ltd is one of the premier trading firms in the world to offer spread betting services. The firm has been in the financial services industry for forty years, this is impressive and also proof that they are a company that adapts to change.

IG Index Ltd is registered both in England and Wales under the registration number 01190902; also the IG Markets Ltd is registered in both countries under the registration number 04008957.

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The company has both branches regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority; IG Index is registered under the number 114059, while IG Markets is under the number 195355. The IG Index LTD is further registered and regulated by the Gambling Commission under the number 2628 because it handles the spread betting services.

The company has its head office in London, another one in Dublin, Ireland and the other seventeen offices across the world. Their international presence is well felt by that simple fact.

They have won several awards over the years; Online Personal Wealth Award (Best Overall Personal Wealth Provider) 2014 and 2015, Shares Awards (Best Web Platform) - 2015. The awards just confirm a well known fact, that IG Index UK is a leader in the industry.


IG Index (UK)


IG Index has a myriad of services they offer, this financial firm offers over ten thousand markets to its clients. They offer:

  • Spread betting

  • CFD trading with Direct Market Access (D.M.A)

  • Share dealing services with over six thousand international stocks

  • Premium services; they offer free and discounted charges to its high value clientele.

  • Access to the foreign exchange market.

  • They offer access to other markets; Bitcoin, commodities, options, interest rates, sectors, bonds, and Sunday trading.


IG Index Trading Platforms


IG Index UK has one of the best platforms in the trading industry. They have categorized their platforms into three different sections; web based, trading applications and advanced trading platforms.

Their web based platform is specifically built for IG Index Ltd clients; it has won the Shares Award as the Best Web Platform. The web platform has its corresponding mobile trading applications usable in both phone and tablet.

The advanced trading platforms include the MT4, L2 Dealer, and the Terminals and APIs. With a variety of all these platforms a client will not have a problem choosing the trading platform that suites them.


IG Index Education


IG Index Ltd has a structured an education system that will help its clients advance their knowledge of the various tradable assets offered. It runs onsite seminars to have the clients directly involved with the trainers and to give the clients a chance to meet with some of the stuff member from the company.

They have introductory classes for all clients held online; these classes help clients who do not have prior knowledge of the markets to get a strong basis before embarking into their trading journey.

The company also offers articles and guidelines based on the web platforms, strategies, and tradable assets offered by the company. They also provide monthly newsletters to their clients to ensure they are kept up to speed with the ever changing financial industry.

They also have a spread betting course called; Spread betting: A guide for share traders. This educational guide will help traders who have an interest in spread betting to have a chance to learn and also improve their skills in the long run.

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Lastly, they have the IG Academy App that was specifically created to help their students cum clients learn from their mobile devices. All the above stated educational resources are meant to make their clients better traders; this is an ideal gesture of care form IG Index Ltd.


IG Index Minimum Deposit and Withdrawals


IG Index UK has given its clients a wide range of options when it comes to making payments for trading purposes. They offer credit and debit card payment options and bank wire transfer options. They accept all major credit card payments as long the name on the card corresponds to the name of the trading account holder.

The same goes for debit cards and bank wire transfers. The only card that is not accepted for making any payment to IG Index Ltd is AMEX. With all these options to select from the client can either choose to make an instant payment through the cards option or a wire transfer option that takes four to five days to be processed.


Customer Support


IG Index UK has one of the best customer support services in the industry. They have a wide selection of support and help mechanisms that the client can choose from.

They have on their web page a tab specifically for help and support. This section has been categorized to ensure the client has an easier time navigating through as they seek answers to their problems. It is broken down into:

  • Trading platform- All issues concerning the trading platforms will be handled in this section

  • Technical support

  • Chart support

  • Payments

  • Market information

  • Account management

They also have two telephone numbers that that have also been categorized to cater for new clients and clients. If all this is not enough and you are a bit of a social media bug you can tweet your issue to @IGClientHelp on Twitter and you are going to get your issue addressed in the best way possible.


IG Index Conclusion


IG Index Ltd being the first financial company to introduce spread betting they have also offered an environment where their clients can enjoy the best services on offer. They have multiple selections when it comes to markets, trading platforms, educational resources, payment channels, and customer support.

This is an indication that they are prepared to go above and beyond to give their customers the best services. Also being highly regulated makes them a very reliable financial trading institution. I will highly recommend IG Index Ltd UK for people who are interested in spread betting and other trading services.


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