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FxPro (UK) Review

There are brokerage firms that come into the picture, and you immediately know that they are going to be a force to be reckoned with in the industry and that is exactly what we have experienced with FxPro.

They entered the retail industry space back in 2006, and this year they have celebrated their 10 years anniversary with a lot of accolades under their belt.

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Furthermore, they have become the best broker in the world by a massive margin, it is not that there is a competition among the brokers, but they have made it their point to offer the best consistently year after year, and this has been vindicated by the number of awards they have snubbed as the years have gone by and all of them indicate the number one broker on service provision in the forex industry.


FxPro (UK) Review


Being able to uphold such high standards in such a competitive industry is hard and doing so consistently is even harder so you can now envision how much work they put themselves in to ensure their clients get the best of the best.



They have their offices in the United Kingdom and Cyprus, where they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Cyprus Exchange and Securities Commission respectively, such major bodies have gained the respect of the financial overseer positions, and that is why broker who seeks their services are well respected, and so is FxPro.

As a broker, your number one priority is ensuring that you clients and your services should match the expectations of your clients. That is exactly what FxPro has done; it has improved its services over the years, and that has been the cause of the consistent client growth which has surpassed the 100,000 mark.




Because of this, the number of trades executed has surpassed the 150,000,000 mark, and if quantified into the amount of cash then you can always be sure it is in the tens of billions or even more.

Their reach is commendable for a firm that has been in the business for 10 years compared to the industry leaders who have been here for decades almost a century and they have not been able to reach to more clients as FxPro must the tune of 150 countries to date and they are still growing this number exponentially. For more on FxPro and their background you should go to www FxPro com.


FxPro: Strategies, Values and Vision


Where there is no vision people perish and this is the mantra that FxPro has stuck to, they are a company that embodies growth and that is only possible if they can have a clear vision and a set of values that will help them create a strategy that will be directly related to its growth.

The company has this as their strategy for growth and superior service provision; they are focused on offering ultra-fast trading execution with a no dealing desk to ensure their clients’ orders get directly pooled into the interbank liquidity pool for better and faster execution.

They are also motivated to offer aggregated price from several liquidity providers to get access to a better and deeper liquidity pool.


FxPro Com Review


They are also bent on improving trading technology, and that is why they have an investment that is focused on growing their technology and research.

That is all about their strategy, and their vision is to make trading accessible to all individuals around the world and more so to ensure that people get access to trading education which is important to the growth of the industry.

They are also bent on improving their services, and be the leaders when it comes to transparency and ethical trading practices.

They have a set of values that coincide with the vision; commitment to transparency, excellence, and innovation, they are also motivated to invest in technology and research to improve service provision. Finally, they are set to expand and refine their business model with their clients in mind.


FxPro: Minimum Deposit and Trading


There are a few brokerage firms that have taken into consideration the need to improve trading technology continuously. Some firms deem it to be an expensive venture but what they do not know is that they miss on giving their clients what they deserve and thus, in the long run, lose the very clients to better-equipped firms like FxPro.

FxPro has several trading platforms on offer and the clients like their diverseness, and this has led to the growth in the number of traders joining their firm.



They have the MT4, MT5, cTrader, mobile platforms, and beyond the platforms that we know they have other options for traders who are more of algorithm based traders than manual traders, they offer the FxPro quant strategy builder and the cAlgo algorithmic trading options.

Maybe you are not more of a trader but an investor you are covered as well under the FxPro invest option. All this is meant to give the traders an edge plus several tools that set them apart from other brokers in the industry.


FxPro Products


The traders have the need and desire to trade different products, and that can only be made possible by the broker.


FxPro Review


FxPro has 6 different asset classes including forex, commodities, energies, indices, shares and spot metals. This makes up a very nice mix when creating your portfolio to trade. All these are well priced, and the spreads are tight as well, so you will always have the best products on offer. 


Customer Support


Every client wants to feel appreciated, and this is what FxPro has centered on improving year after year. They focus on their clients’ needs and improve on them consistently.

They have developed technology and channels to improve on this, and this is what has made their client numbers to grow and maintain a level of professionalism throughout.


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