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Best Investment Funds in the UK

As an investor, your focus should not only be the best investment fund, but you also focus on the type of investment you may want to consider before diving into this venture. Investing is quite different from speculating, and so you should know that it will take a longer period usually the short term is on a 12-month basis.



As an investor, you should have a keen eye when picking your investments which will determine your choice on the best investment funds to consider. The investment decision you will make should have a higher or better return on investment than your normal interest rate offered by the bank on your savings.

With that in mind, you will get you off a dilemma that many people are not able to get themselves off of. Investing should not be as hard as people make it be it should be an extension of your personality and more so it should reflect the type of investor you are, and that is what many people dismiss as they get started.

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They take advice from people who have had success with one of the investment funds on a particular investment vehicle that does not suit their personality, and this will, in turn, make them feel like they are being pushed towards a decision rather than make a conscious decision that is not meant to cause them any sort of pressure.


Things to Consider While Choosing the Best Investment Fund


One thing about investments is that if you are not committed from the word to go then, you will not be in a position to put yourself in a position to take responsibility when something goes amiss with the investment you have chosen to delve in.



As you go looking for the best investments in the United Kingdom, one thing should linger in your mind consistently is the exposure to risk.

This is one of the things that many investors miss because of the excitement of the potential returns on investment they are probably going to make, to avoid such a situation you should always ask this question before selecting any firm to manage your money; how much do I stand to lose the investment does not work?


best investment funds


When you get an answer to this question, and you accept it that will be the first step towards your investment journey otherwise you will be like a gambler who hopes to win by putting all their eggs in one basket and when they lose they blame the casino rather than themselves for not spreading their bets wisely.

With the risk part dealt with you will then focus on the types of investments you want to expose your money too, this part has many people confused, and that is why many investors end up blowing all their investment capital away.

You should always think in terms of a portfolio do not put all your capital into one investment rather spread in many investments that can act as hedges, this way your capital will always be sound given that all the investments affect each other in a different way.

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This means when one investment is dropping another one is moving higher so the balance each other out and at the end of the day instead of taking a loss you will end up at break even or with a small loss or profit depending on the position of your investment.

After picking your best investments, you are now on the right track you can pick the challenges that may hinder your investment from performing at its best and that will prepare you to act accordingly when the need arises.


How to Choose The Best Investment Fund in the UK?


To select the best investment firms will be required. The funds are based on different investment vehicles and comparing them will give you the best opportunity to get which one has the best and most secure investment style.



There are a number of sectors that perform very well in the United Kingdom; these sectors are where the best investment funds can be found too.

We have the property market where there are two categories, property investment funds that focus on buying shares of profit firms and investment funds that invest directly into the brick and mortar.

In order to get the best bargain, it is better to have both of them in your portfolio and that way you will be able to have property and shares to a wider range of property. Property funds have very nice returns too; a normal fund could achieve anywhere between 35%-40% in three years, and that is a very healthy return on investment.


Best Investment Funds UK


The two most recognizable property funds are Legal and General Property Fund which achieved 24% in the past three years and Threadneedle UK Property Fund that achieved 24% in the past three years. Given that the housing market is on recovery one should think of this as a viable investment option.


Investing in Bonds in the UK


You can as well invest in bonds, and the bonds you invest in should be quality bonds from countries or companies that have a reputable economic backing and are likely to grow.

Especially bonds from the United Kingdom and the United States are considered safe bets but in the case, they default then your investment will go down the drain, and that is very hard and quite an unprecedented occurrence.


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When investing in bonds look for those that are likely to have interest rate adjustments and get the best value for your investment. Also with bonds, it is safer when you invest in a bond fund where your investment will be spread over a wide number of bonds.

The firms that offer the best investment funds for bonds are Jupiter Strategic Bond Fund which was up 30% in the past three years and Artemis Strategic Bond Fund which is up 25% in the past three years.


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