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How to Invest in Stocks with Little Money? (For Beginners)

How will I invest my little money in stocks? This is a question that is asked often when one wants to delve into investments. What many individuals do not know is that there is more to investing in stocks than just buying and selling. There is a structure to which one should follow before putting their money into stocks.

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These are some of the key issues that many people miss while starting off their investment journey. Missing these guidelines may lead to a downward spiral from the start.

The reader will benefit greatly from this read and it will be even better for the reader since the answer to how to invest your money in stocks will be answered. The article will help you get a thought process which you can use before investing your money in stocks.


How to Invest in Stocks with Little Money? (For Beginners)


This will be far more useful to a novice investor in the stock market, and also to those who are already investors; the following steps will act as guidelines.


Step 1: What is your goal investing your money?


It is very important to know the purpose of investing in stocks well before you start off. Having a purpose will act as a motivation for you as an investor.

Most individuals have a reason behind the actions they take, and if they are convicted towards that action they are going to stick with it until they get their desired results. So, as an investor, you should have outlined your investment goals before investing your money in stocks.

These goals could be; investing as a retirement plan, investing to boost your savings, investing to create additional income or simply investing for your own personal leisure. These goals will enable you to focus on how you are going to invest your money. By so doing you will set aside a given amount of money to invest in stocks.


Step 2: How long are you planning to invest your money in stocks?


Every investment has a time span, knowing the period you are willing to have your money invested in stocks is important. The importance to this is you will have a defined period for expecting returns.

Stock investments take a while to grow and patience will be of the essence. It is only with time that you are going to experience and learn how the stock market works.


Step 3: How much risk are you planning to take?


Every investment venture is a risky venture, and so is investing in the stock market. Having an understanding that investing your money in the stock market is risky it will help you make a wise decision while allocating money for it.

You will not invest a given amount of money you cannot afford to lose. The riskiness of this kind of investment is not wholly covered by allocating an amount you are comfortable with but also yourself.

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This means how well you understand your risk tolerance; how much can you stand to lose before you pull the cord on a certain stock investment that is underperforming?

How to Invest Your Money in Stocks

Answering these two questions of how much you are willing to risk to invest and how much you are willing to lose will prove how long you are going to last in the stock market.


Step 4: Where can I go to invest my money?


It might look like a totally novice question but most people do not know where to go to get started. Stocks are offered by third party firms known as brokerage firms, this firms play the role of representatives to the companies that offer their stocks to be traded.

This brokerage firms handle the execution of the orders placed by the investors on behalf of the companies that own the stock.

Banks also handle the buying and selling of stock on behalf of the companies, this way an investor can go to a bank and purchase the stock he or she needs. It is also very important to see a financial adviser before delving into this type of investment.

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The financial advisor will guide you on which brokerage firms are suitable for you and also which stock offers a high probability of return on invested capital.


Step 5: What are the costs of investing my money in stocks?


There are costs incurred while investing in stocks. Investing in stocks is a business and every business has its expenses. It is important to learn from the get go that the third party firms handling the execution charge you for execution because that is how they make their money.

So, every individual interested in this type of investment should know the charges before hand. This will give you an upper hand while choosing a brokerage firm, some charge high fees for their services and in turn these charges will eat away at your profits. So, to protect the profits it is important to do a due diligence on the charges or cost of investing.


Step 6: Stick to an investment plan


Many investors get into stock investment without a plan, and this mistake unravels very fast. They might have been lured into it by a family member, an advertisement on the internet or by guru claiming to have a hot tip. This happens to a huge number of people and most of the get caught up in the hype and they forget to plan.

Some of these individuals might get lucky at first but when things turn on them they have no exit strategy in place and so they crumble under the pressure. Having a plan is the key to your survival while investing your money in the stock market.




Everyone who gets into investing especially in the stock market think it is easy but most of them still fail. The above steps are important to your survival and growth while investing your money in stocks. Create a plan around your stock investment and stick to it.


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