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FXStreet News & Economic Calendar Review

FXStreet has been part of the forex community for a long time now, they have created a community of traders from around the world, and they have been able to do this based on the content they provide and their openness to share with the rest of the world.

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FXStreet news calendar offers these services 24 hours a day for 5 days a week in relation to the forex market and the period it is open for trading.


FXStreet News & Economic Calendar Review


FXStreet Economic Calendar is so passionate about their work they only offer forex related material and material that is only relevant to a forex trader. They have unique features at their website FXStreet com where every kind of material concerning the forex market can be gotten; the most appealing part of their website is their video database.



The videos are a treasure trove for any trader who wants to learn and get some insider secrets about trading the forex market. The contributors to their sites have a wealth of experience, and that is exactly what FXStreet shares widely and freely with their community of traders.

Most traders learn more from FXStreet Economic Calendar on anything to do with the forex this can be proven because they have over 750000 visitors every month without fail, and the number is increasing as their popularity grows within the forex community.

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FXStreet Economic Calendar is a trusted source of forex material because they have over 15 years in this space and they have consistently proven their worth, and they have improved from year to year on their delivery and efficiency of providing worthy information.

They have a global presence, even though they are based in Barcelona, where they have a team of 25 dedicated workers who work endlessly through the year to ensure they keep up their standards, they also have 30 co-workers from around the world who help them cover their stories, reports, analysis and news in 17 different languages.

FXStreet has been known to be the one stop shop for all things forex but mostly their live webinars that are held daily on several occasions covering different topics, these webinars number over 140 a month.




FXStreet makes a point to structure the webinars in a way that every aspect of forex market trading is covered, so any trader who follows through a good number of these webinars will come out with a wealth of experience.

Ever since they started covering the forex market back in the year 2000 they have covered over 1000 economic events and data; they have done so by expanding their reach and inviting contributors to help them with their efforts.

They are also very keen on keeping their community updated, and they do so in quite a way, they share over 650 news material in a day, and that is on a daily basis. They have invited contributors to their site who number to more than 350; this is an effort to create new and fresh content for their visitors on a daily basis.




Lastly, they provide over 220 reports regarding the forex market on a daily basis; these reports cover different moves in different currency pairs, and this is important for a trader who wants to get a different opinion on their own concerning what happened in the markets.


FXStreet Awards


FXStreet Economic Calendar has become a force to be reckoned within the forex trading industry because of their reach, and that is why traders and trading institutions alike want to be part of this great community.

FXStreet realizes this and they know that the community can only get better by inviting contributors and these contributors do a good job of providing new content and creating a learning space that is second to none.

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This is the reason why FXStreet News Calendar came up with one of the most acclaimed awards in the forex industry; the Forex Best Awards, these awards cover the following best analysis, best buy side and sell side contributor, best educational article, best video/ podcast, best speaker, and best new contributor.

The contributors who have been able to get a nomination or even win the award get to recognized on a global perspective. Although the contributors do it for the sake of helping their fellow traders, they get a chance to be appreciated by the community which is always a good feeling.


FXStreet News Calendar Features


FXStreet News Calendar has several features that make the website one of a kind, the rates and charts feature the first feature from your left-hand side at the top.



This feature has number content in it; it has the rates table, live chats, forecasts, and trading positions. A unique thing about the content in the rates and charts feature is the fact that they all have most popular sections that their clients like to visit.

For example, the trading positions have a most popular feature called the technical analysis; under that we have the chart patterns, cycle analysis, Elliot wave, Intermarket analysis, and strategy.


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The other FXStreet News Calendar features include the latest news, analysis, economic calendar and under it there is the interest rates, countries, and the forex market hours.

Then we have the live video feature one of the most popular features if not the most popular feature among them all; it has the on-air videos, scheduled videos and the premium video service that is paid for monthly, quarterly basis or annual basis.


Educational Content


FXStreet knows the importance of having a community that is driven by the correct knowledge of the forex market. That is why they have an education feature on their website that is meant for the education purposes of their community.


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Under the education feature, there are categories that help the guide the trader; there is the money management, psychology, support and resistance, strategy, and market participants sections, all these information is meant to further the trader’s knowledge base.


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