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Plus500 Review

Plus500 is one of the many CFD brokers in the world, but they are one of the most recognizable from around the world.

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This brokerage firm was established in the part of the world known for their advancements in financial technology, and this made them very desirable because of the advanced trading technology they were bringing to the table.

The brokerage firm was established in Israel by a group of financial technology specialists who pooled their funds and knowledge and created this service for their clients.


About Plus500


They have expanded their reach, and they have shifted most of their operations to London, United Kingdom. Plus500 they have been registered as Plus500 UK Ltd and their registration number is 07024970, and they have regulated the Financial Conduct Authority under the license number 509909.




They have also expanded their area of operation to Australia where they are also a registered company under the name Plus500 AU Pty Ltd; they are regulated ASIC under the license number 417727.

The other country that has become of interest to many brokers is Cyprus, and they have registered their trading firm there too. Their company name is Plus500 CY Ltd, and they are regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission under the number 250114.


Plus500 Review


They have undergone several changes over the years that have made them one of the best CFD providers in the world. They have come a long way after their start back in 2008 in Israel where most of their main operations are still held which understandable.



They made a push in the United Kingdom to make themselves appealing to the new market they had just gotten in, so in 2013 they went public on the London Stock Exchange. They made a very successful Initial Public Offering that raised 75 million Pounds and their company was listed in the Alternative Investments Market section of the LSE.

After this, they attracted attention from other players in the market who saw the potential of their organization, the gambling giants Playtech made a play towards acquiring Plus500, and the two parties agreed to a $703 million acquisition fee, but Playtech ran into complications with acquiring licenses to operate, so the deal went bust.

That did not stop Plus500 from making moves to grow stronger even though they had some rough times when they encountered a fall in their company value due to some complications with some clients.

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They are now valued at $200 million which is still a decent liquidity base for a brokerage firm of their size. They have made headway in attracting new clients from different countries by involving themselves in sports especially football which is widely enjoyed by many people.

They have sponsored one of the best teams in the premier division if Spanish football, Atletico Madrid, as their official trading partner. They have a massive number of CFDs on offer over 2000 CFDs to be precise.


Plus500: Account Types


Plus500 has been very driven to creating a product that is both affordable and reliable to their clients, so they created a one fits all account for all their clients.

They did this because they know that all their clients deserve a standardized form of service and it is also cost effective to improve the account as one rather than improve multiple account types. The account on offer is a standard account has a minimum deposit of $100 or its equivalent in Euros or Pounds.


Plus500 Review


This amount is both very affordable for their clients and for any aspiring client. It is not an amount that will make the trader struggle to raise when opening an account and at the same time it is an amount that the trader can start off with coupled with the leverage of 300:1 that is provided to give the trader more buying power.

They have many choices when it comes to tradeable assets that number to more than 2000 CFD instruments. Among the instruments is their own Bitcoin CFD that is their creation and they were the very first brokerage firm to offer Bitcoin CFDs.


Plus500 Trading Platforms


Plus500 has a unique trading platform that is created from proprietary technology that is developed in-house. The trading platform is both downloadable, and it can be accessed through the internet as a web platform.

The trading platform is not complicated, and it has several charting tools that make it easier to do some technical analysis with it, but for the more advanced traders who want more sophisticated tools to employ in their analysis, this trading platform will be a disappointment.



The downloadable desktop trading platforms are available in the Windows version, and they have developed a newer trading platform for the newly developed Windows 10.

The trading platform also has a demo account for the newbie traders who are looking to try out their hand in trading or the advanced traders who want to refine their strategies before employing them in the live markets.


Plus500: Minimum Deposit and Withdrawals


Plus500 have always been on the forefront of increasing efficiency for their clients, and this has made them very appealing to the wider market. They have incorporated new transaction option from the old ways that have been effective and safe to the newer ones that have been created and have proved to be very reliable and fast.


Plus500 Review 2023


They have the bank transfer options or the wire transfer options, PayPal, debit and credit card options, and the Skrill option and online money transfer option.


Customer Support


Plus500 have set up a very dependable team of customer support personnel and infrastructure that is meant to ensure that their clients will always have the help they need. They have an e-mail service, 24-hour support in 30 different languages.


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